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Jewellery Can Express Your Mood


Feb 26 2017 0 Comments

“Look at you, all bright and happy in sunshine yellow!” How often have we heard that? The colours we wear often tell the world the state of mind we are in. A bright day means a yellow shirt and a melancholic day is best described by a grey dress. Interesting, isn’t it? But that is the power of colours. One for every mood, every thought - colours are the strongest medium of self-expression.

“Love is the only thing you get more of by giving it away.” – Tom Wilson


Feb 2 2017 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day is all about fancy chocolate boxes, fluffy teddy bears, red roses, candlelit dinners and diamond rings. We know that you’ve been waiting for it since last February. Well, it is finally here to remind us to spread joy and happiness among the people we care about the most. What could spread happiness better than jewellery?

Jewellery for the New Styling Trend


Jan 29 2017 0 Comments

It is that time of the year when we all are drawing up our New Year resolution - vowing to change a bad habit, altering a negative attitude, practicing a new hobby, planning to change lifestyle – the list could be endless. From the toughest vows to the easiest ones, Happiness Diaries assures you that this year of 2017 is going to be significantly different. Today, we will talk about a simple yet significant vow - changing or enhancing your style statement. We will share the funkiest trend in fashion and jewellery that goes with the dressing for the season.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”


Jan 22 2017 0 Comments

Simplicity is the new style statement and it can be accomplished with minimal effort. Be it in choosing simple clothing or jewellery, you need to make your choice such that it stands out and breaks the clutter. In fact, it can be quite amazing and striking and is most often hard to achieve. The idea is to let your natural beauty show and to avoid anything that interferes with it. Try it out ladies and soon you shall find that happiness in simplicity is pure and real!

A December to Remember


Dec 20 2016 0 Comments

Everybody’s favourite holiday is just around the corner! Even if you aren’t celebrating it, you cannot escape the wonderful, cherry spirit of Christmas that takes over the world during this time of the year – the beautiful lighting, the lush green Christmas trees and that wonderful word flashing from store fronts in bold letters – “SALE!” Happiness is quite simply wafting in the air during the month of December.

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