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A December to Remember


Dec 20 2016 0 Comments

Everybody’s favourite holiday is just around the corner! Even if you aren’t celebrating it, you cannot escape the wonderful, cherry spirit of Christmas that takes over the world during this time of the year – the beautiful lighting, the lush green Christmas trees and that wonderful word flashing from store fronts in bold letters – “SALE!” Happiness is quite simply wafting in the air during the month of December.

To UAE, with Love…


Dec 2 2016 0 Comments

The month of December in UAE is quite different from any other months of the year. For newcomers to UAE, December hosts the proudest day of all for all Emiratis and the expats, living in the UAE. Every year on December 2, the nation celebrates the anniversary of its formation as the UAE National Day. The nation’s foundation was laid 45 years back and we are only 5 years away from Golden celebration!

A Magical Engagement Day – Start of a Beautiful Journey


Nov 25 2016 0 Comments

Engagement is one of the precious moments of everyone’s life and people like to celebrate this moment in different ways. Are you on Cloud 9 after hearing those golden words, “will you marry me”? Wel! It is time to come to the ground and start planning your Engagement Day. Today we are going to share with you simple tips to make your Engagement Day memorable yet manageable. Take a deep sigh and let us walk together to make it magical.

World Kindness Day


Nov 13 2016 0 Comments

In this month of November, we are launching our blog with the first post on Kindness. Did you know that on November 13, 2016, the world celebrated World kindness Day? No worries! Kindness in true sense has no date and no expiry and you can make every day a kind day!  After all, as Mark Twain puts it, “kindness is a language that even the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”


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